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we do everything

No rental, no fees, no salaries, no business permits, no taxes

Send your products to us, no minimum.

Send your products to our forwarding agents. First mile is for your account. Shipping fee from China warehouse to Philippines warehouse and last mile is for our account.

We take care of everything selling, promotion, marketing, packaging and fulfillment

We pay you weekly for the cost of products sold for the week, thru Dragon Pay or any method we will agree upon.

We earn from markup. For example, cost is P100.00, we sell for P120.00, we earn P20.00, and remit to you P100.00

We take care of minor problems like repacking, cleaning, troubleshooting & repair. Other warehouse don’t mind minor repairs and just throw away defective items, when sometimes problem is very minor.

We interact with customers, and do Customer Service

We spend for marketing promotion and feature your products. Expenses for marketing & promotion are for our account.

We promote your brand if you have one

We do product photo shoots and videos & promotional materials, no fees

We look for resellers

We display products in local stores and markets

We sell both online and offline

We have online store at Lazada & Shopee and also our own e-commerce website


You just sit back, & relax

Avail of very big opportunity in Philippine market with minimal risk

Non-cash investment

No upfront fees, no deposit

No need to rent office or warehouse

No need for business license, we have ours

No need to pay for staff salaries

No need to pay taxes

No custom duties

Low risk, minimal expenses, minimal investment

We can ship orders within 24 hours, therefore make customers happy and order again

Customers can choose to pick up from our store/warehouse if they need item badly

If your products need installation or assembly, we can do the installation & assembly

You have freedom to choose how much to invest, no minimum. You can ship $500.00 or $5,000.00 worth of goods.



Zero, absolutely

We earn from markup


Product : Kitchen Kettle

Product cost : Php900.00

We sell : Php1,000.00

We pay you when sold : Php900.00

We earn : Php100.00

No more, no less!