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Customers prefer COD

If ever customer will pay non-COD, popular mode of payment is GCash

Customers like fast shipping. That is why if your products are here, we can ship it within 24 hours.

Customers prefer local suppliers, hence you have to use our warehouse address

Many customers like to buy offline direct from store/warehouse so they can check items. If your products are here in our store/warehouse, customers can visit and can choose and buy more goods

Customer prefer to buy products with good review

Price should be competetive

Quality should be excellent

Customers prefer to chat in native language which we can do, and answer for you

Most sellable products are household products, houseware, motorcycle accesories, solar products, hardware, beauty products

Sell also products that are not easy to find in the Philippines

Make Marketing & Promotions

Join online promo and campaign of your online portal


As a first try, ship only minimal items. Maximum of one (1) cbm assorted products.

There is no minimum, you can send us worth $500.00 or $100,000.00, small carton or big carton, It is your choice. Shipping is not expensive. For small items, small cartons, our forwader charge as low as $1.50 only.

You can send excess inventory, not moving items, old stock but still usable, surplus. Do not ship defective or dirty items.

Identify which are fast selling or slow moving or no movement at all

Do not expect too much, it is a highly competitive world

If you are have your own forwarder, please make sure that their warehouse is within, Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan. Pampanga is a bit far from us, 3 hours drive.